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Zeb Appel



Zeb (Elizabeth) Appel is a recognized playwright, poet and essayist and fond of publishing under various pen names. She enjoyed a career in business while an adjunct English professor at two Connecticut universities. She is a member of the Dramatist Guild and author associations and an enthusiastic presenter on craft and publishing. She resides in Bethany Connecticut with her family. Her poetry chapbook, Going Up (2017) by E.A. Appel, features selected poems from publication in small press and little magazines. Her debut contemporary literary novel, Good Luck and a Benevolent God (2019) uses the linked-short story device (similar to Olive Kittridge by Elizabeth Strout) to tell the quirky narrative about Mandy Flanagan and the assortment of people she loved. Kirkus says it is, “A well-told…wide-ranging tale. Appel writes in the natural prose of raconteur, rising occasionally to the level of lyricism.”

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