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Founded in the 1970s, the Connecticut Press Club is comprised of men and women who work statewide as communications professionals. The Connecticut Press Club welcomes communications professionals of all kinds: writers, editors, bloggers, authors, educators, broadcasters, public relations experts, and media photographers, as well as students enrolled in accredited colleges. We provide community and connection as well as seminars, expert panels, and professional development programs. We also host events where we can network and learn from each other.

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Our Membership

Our membership is comprised of writers, bloggers, editors, photographers, and other media professionals across the state of Connecticut. Learn more about the individuals who make make up the Connecticut Press Club.

Our History

The Connecticut Press Club is an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW), but welcomes members of all genders. Learn more about the National Federation of Press Women and other state affiliates at the link below.

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