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Margrit Strohmaier

Writer/Interior Designer

Margrit Strohmaier.jpeg

Margrit Strohmaier is an award-winning author and interior designer, known for her delightful picture books and creative vision. She holds a BFA degree in Interior Design from NYSID and is the recipient of the Ana Blanc Verna Award for Creative Thinking. Margrit’s passion for writing and design has allowed her to express her artistic talents in various forms. 

A deep love for animals, her passion for creativity, and her desire to raise her daughter’s awareness about the responsibility of pet ownership resulted in her first award-winning book. 

In her second book of the “What to Know” series, Margrit focuses on offering valuable advice to prospective cat owners, aiming to raise awareness and educate children about the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership. 

Originally from Austria, Margrit now resides in Connecticut with her family and their fluffy dog Scruffy.

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