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Juan A. Negroni

Advisor/Bilingual Facilitator/Speaker & Writer

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Juan’s love for words began after getting the first A in a high school history class with trimming essays assignments yet retaining their essence. At NYU he co-won its short-story contest. Later came published book reviews, wine articles, and local newspapers columns. In corporate and consulting careers, his communication scope encompassed ghostwriting. 

In 2017 Hearst Media carried his Derek Jeter #2 Forever and Reclaiming my Identity articles. It led to a  Hearst WHO WE ARE monthly column with eclectic topics such as Juan’s once Spanish Harlem rodent battles, Who’s essential? and the “Witch Hunt” verbiage explosion.

Founder of The Tally Consultancy firm LLC, 1996, he’s a former Institute of Management Consultants’ CEO/Chair, and since 1999 a professional member of the National Speakers Association. Born in Cuba, he arrived in the U.S. as a child, speaking no English.

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